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Eden. 22. Nursing major. I'm a huge bookworm, caffeine addict, music lover, ultimate procrastinator, kid at heart, avid soccer fan, future beach bum, Browncoat for life, and Muser for eternity. Mindless reblogging and will occasionally talk about my bipolar disorder and/or bulimia recovery, too.Enjoy the vortex that is my Tumblr.Oh, and my title comes from the tv show Firefly :)


Kids React To: The sudden realization of their own mortality

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you know those people who are just luminous, like they’re so beautiful and everything they do is endearing and all you can do is stare and hope that some of their light hits you someday. maybe it’s not even romantic but they’re just such people, they’re humans, and they’re so beautiful that you cannot make yourself look away

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1. Open Calculator

2. Type in your birthday as MM * DD * YYYY

3. Copy the resulting number into Google Image Search

4. Click on Search Tools, Type, and choose Animated

5. From the top row of results, save whichever gif you want to loop on a small LCD screen embedded in your future tombstone

6. Reblog and add the image



I don’t know what i was expecting but i know it wasn’t this

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photos by anderw milligan of an eleven week old cub playing in a pile of autumn leaves at the blair drummond safari park in stirling

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Welcome to Middle-Earth  ☼  Mirkwood

Mirkwood was a dense and heavy woodland that made up much of the eastern part of Rhovanion or the Wilderland, that maintained its borders and relative shape for many ages. Its natural land features included the Mountains of Mirkwood, a sizable river the Forest River, that ran from the Grey Mountains down to Long Lake, and a smaller river that ran from the Dark Mountains to join with the Forest River west of the Elven-king’s Halls. This smaller river was enchanted to such an extent that it caused slumber and forgetfulness to anyone who fell into it.

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the crumb

this is the most intense photo i’ve ever seen



the crumb

this is the most intense photo i’ve ever seen

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8 months and counting with this amazing man! I’m a lucky girl :)

8 months and counting with this amazing man! I’m a lucky girl :)

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when you yell “puppy!” at a lil dog and they get happy and wag their lil tail like “yess!! i am a puppy!! a baby dog!!! thank you!!!!!!”

When you yell “puppy!!!!” At an old dog and they wag their tail and get all happy like “yes I am still a little dog thank you for noticing! !”

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